So: I've had this idea for a while now to start a website/blog that explores how different aspects of everyday life can be made "greener" through concsious sustainable decision making and acting. Sounds cool, right? I keep getting so pumped about it but then get bogged down by all the aspects of creating it-- making a logo, building a website, creating a content plan, finding guest writers, etc etc. It all gets to be too much, so much so that I end up doing nothing at all. 

I also realized: how the heck am I going to keep up with a new blog if I don't ever write in the one I already have?

And then I realized: whats stopping me from freely writing about what I want to write about in here?

Initially I created this blog as a place to share my art practice-- what my process is like and what inspires me to create. As I've thought about it more though, ALL of life inspires art, so why not write freely about whatever my current "passion project" is? 

This is just to say: you can expect more spontanious environmentally-or-something-else-random-themed entries from me here in the future. If I can get myself to keep up the practice of writing, that is.